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    A web app that allows you to monitor, track, and control postage expenses from an IS/IM/IN Series Mailing System.
    Yes. The Neostats Application runs directly from your MyQuadient account.  Without a MyQuadient account, you will not be able to activate the application.
    Neostats reports are currently available for 13 months.

    See topic located in the General section.

    Yes.  If Operator #1 has a MyQuadient account and is set up as the Neostats Admin, he/she can provide access to another individual under the “portal manage users section”.  This will allow the 2nd end user to login to his/her own MyQuadient account and view the same Neostats information as operator #1.
    There are three Neostats packages including:
    • Neostats Basic
    • Neostats Enhanced
    • Neostats Consolidated

    Some functions may not work correctly.

    The “Accounting without Activity” feature, allows you to display the total number of pieces processed against an account, including those accounts that may have not been used during a specific time period.
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    • This allows your reports to display all activity against all accounts.  This feature typically comes in handy when the report data is exported into EXCEL and matched against a general ledger.  By displaying all accounts and activity (even where there is no activity) – the order and number of accounts remains constant.  By de-selecting this button, you will only view accounts that have been used.  In turn, if the report data is then exported, the account order will not be in line with the general ledger.
    The accounts that Neostats uses, are the ones that are setup on the mailing system.  The information from the mailing system works in tandem with the Neostats application.
    Neostats Enhanced is an optional advanced accounting application for IS/IM/IN Series Mailing Systems.  Neostats Enhanced provides all of the views available in Neostats Basic, plus the ability create Trend and Detailed Reports. Neostats Enhanced provides the added flexibility of creating reports based on a user defined date range (selecting a starting and ending date via a pop-up calendar)  and/or a pre-defined date range.  Pre-defined date ranges include: • Last week • Last 2 weeks • Last month • Last 3 months • Last 6 months • Last 12 months • Last year
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