1. Open the box and place the delivered documentation aside. The following documents should be delivered:

      • Installation Guide (this document);
      • Safety Guide;
      • Quick Start Guide.
    2. Remove two blocks of packaging material and 4 boxes.

    3. Lift the box and remove it from the tray.

    4. Remove the two blocks packaging material on both sides. Remove the bottle with sealing fluid that has been packed inside a carton packaging block.

    5. Remove both carton packaging blocks and the packaging material located behind the collator.

    6. Slightly lift the system in order to remove the optional side exit catch tray (only in case an optional side exit has been ordered/delivered).

      1. Please refer to Mounting Instruction 67 if, for some reason, it is desired to convert your side exit catch tray from RH to LH or vice versa.

    7. Lift the system and place it on a stable surface (e.g. optional furniture).

    8. Remove the packaging materials from the following places:

      • Cardboard below the loc, at the document insert position;
      • The foam blocks at the feeders;
      • Band and foam block at collator.
      1. Do not connect to mains yet.

    9. In case of a High Capacity Document Feeder:

      • Cut both wire straps at the High Capacity Document Feeder;
      • Remove the transportation plate.
    10. Check the contents of the boxes. One box contains the document feeders, main lead, LAN cable and a plastic bag containing three spare moistening brushes and a spare moistening cloth.

      The contents of the other boxes depends on what optional has been ordered:

      • MaxiFeeder;
      • High Capacity Document Feeder;
      • Rear catch tray;
      • Side exit. In this case the side exit catch tray is packed in the (large) system box.

      If no optional accessories have been ordered the boxes are empty.

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02/09/2016 11:55:20
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