1. To view or edit an account:

    1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

    2. Select the account (or type the account number) and press [OK].

      1. If the account is not contained in the list, select the group or the subgroup that contains the account, press Edit / Del. or [OK] and then press View/Edit content until you can select the account by pressing [OK].

    3. Select Edit / Modify.

      1. The Edit / Modify screen appears.


    4. Select each parameter and change it using the keypad (use key [C] to clear characters), and then press [OK].

      1. The Account modification summary screen is displayed.

        The Budget and Surcharge parameters are only available when Advanced Reporting option is activated. See Budget and Surcharge Preferences.
    5. Press [OK] to accept the changes.

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03/12/2014 22:30:44
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