If you want to use an existing job:

    1. Open the job list.

    2. Tap the icon of the job you want to use.

    3. Load the feeders as shown on the display.

    4. Tap [1x] to create an example mail set, see Example mail set.
    5. Select an exit for the example mail set.

    6. Check the example mail set.

    7. If example mail set is OK: tap [Start].

      If the example mail set is not OK: adjust the address position or envelope stop position or check and re-adjust the job settings.

      1. Tip

        If desired tap the counter button to set the counters. See Counter settings.

    8. Tap [Start] to start the job.

    9. Press the [Stop] button to finish the job.

    10. Tap [Job list] to return to the job list.

Date created:
01/08/2013 14:19:31
Last updated:
11/27/2017 03:36:08
DS-75i, DS-95i