To process mail sets with Daily Mail: 

    1. Create a Manual job and select [DailyMail] for your Main document.

    2. Complete the job settings.

    3. Tap [start] to start the job.

      1. A daily mail switch notification and instruction appears on the screen.
    4. Turn down the left side guide A of the upper tray (not applicable when using a High Capacity Document Feeder). Now you can see the Daily Mail handle B.

      1. Daily mail
    5. Move the handle B to the right to enable the Daily Mail function.

    6. Turn side guide A upwards.

    7. Place the document or document set in the feeder tray.

      The document or document set will be folded and inserted into the envelope as described in the selected job.

    8. Place the next document or document set in the feeder tray. The system will keep running to process the inserted document or document set.

    9. When finished with Daily Mail, tap [stop] to stop the job.

    10. Set the Daily Mail handle B to the ‘AUTO’ position to disable the Daily Mail and enable the automatic document separation.


Date created:
08/29/2013 14:52:00
Last updated:
11/27/2017 03:36:09
DS-90i, DS-95i