Proceed as follows if you want to create an automatic job:

    1. From the Job list menu, tap [New job].

    2. Tap [Automatic] to start an Automatic job.

    3. Fill the envelope hopper, load your documents and tap [1x] to create an example mail set.
    4. Make sure that the address position and the envelope stop position is correct. If not, adjust the address position and envelope stop position.

    5. If necessary, tap the counter symbol to set the counters. See counter settings.

    6. Tap [Start] to start the job.

    7. Tap [Stop] to finish the job.

Tap [Save] if you want to save the settings of the Automatic job to a new job. 

Date created:
08/27/2013 16:02:30
Last updated:
11/27/2017 03:36:09
DS-75i, DS-95i