For every feeder you can switch the double feed control (DFC) on or off.

To change the DFC settings:

    1. Tap the job that you want the change the DFC settings for. 

    2. Tap [Edit].

    3. Tap the document that you want to change the DFC for.

    4. Tap [Advanced].

    5. Tap Double Feed Control to switch it on or off.

    6. Tap Continue on double to switch it on or off. If Continue on double is on, the machine will not stop if two sheets are fed instead of one. The document-set that contains the double sheets will be diverted.

    7. Confirm the settings with [OK] and continue with the document settings.

Date created:
08/29/2013 09:46:39
Last updated:
11/27/2017 03:36:09
DS-90i, DS-95i