If you want to move the main document or enclosures to another feeder tray: 

  1. Note

    You cannot change the order of the documents in the mail set by changing feeders. If you want to change the order of the mail set, see Delete or move an enclosure.

    1. Select a job from the Job list.

    2. Tap the document that you want to move to another feeder tray. 

      1. All available feeder trays are marked with a dotted box.

    3. Tap the dotted box of the feeder tray where you want to move your document to.

      1. The new feeder tray is selected for feeding of the document.

    4. Tap [Save] to save the feeder tray selection to the job.

Date created:
06/20/2013 15:35:55
Last updated:
11/27/2017 03:36:10
DS-75i, DS-95i