• You can save every automatically created job and edit it like any job. 

    An Automatic job processes mail sets according to the following rules:

    • The machine picks one sheet from each filled feeder;
    • The picked documents will be folded (if necessary) and inserted into an envelope;
    • Only the feeders that feed successfully will be selected;
    • Only the Double Feed Control (DFC) of the upper feeder will be selected (this is done automatically).

    The following features are not supported with Automatic job processing.

    • Linked feeders (the option where, if one feeder is empty, the system automatically continues using another feeder)
    • Multiple sheet feeding (picking more than one sheet from a certain feeder)
    • Daily mail
    • Reading functionality
    • No envelopes (use envelopes yes/no)
    • Exit select

    If you want to use any of these features, you have to use Manual jobs to process the mail set. 

Date created:
01/23/2014 10:34:49
Last updated:
01/08/2018 14:48:17