• With OCR page n / m (page n of m) you can print human readable characters on your mail set, which can be read by the system, to insert your mail set. The system can recognize the characters in the so called “n / m” format.

    If the value of n is smaller than the value m the sheet will be accumulated, if the value of n is the same as the value of m the set will be inserted; m is the total number of pages and n is the current page.

    Some specifications for OCR page n / m:

    Supported fonts / font sizeTimes New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Courier.
    Italic text will not be supported, bold not recommended.
    Character size 12 point dotpitch
    Supported layouts n / m (n,space,/,space,m) Both n and m need to be in the text, n first.
    Print Quality 600 dpi (preferable)
    Clear Area15 mm (minimal), around
    Color BackgroundWhite
    Print drift+/- 2 mm (max.)
    PositionsOnly one region of interest per job
    Only horizontal text (portrait) supported
    All text on the same line



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Date created:
01/08/2013 14:19:31
Last updated:
01/08/2018 14:48:37
DS-75i, DS-95i