• The reading option allows the system to read special codes that are printed on the documents. The code contains information about the processing of the documents.

    The system can read the following code types:

    • OCR: Optical Character Recognition; the system can scan an area of the document for page number information in the page "n of m" (n/m) format
    • BCR 1D: One dimensional barcode
    • BCR 2D: Two dimensional barcodes
    • OMR: 1-track Optical Mark Recognition
    • Flex 1-9: Optional translation to support non standard OMR and BCR coding

    Depending on the settings, the code tells the system if:

    • The document set is complete
    • Enclosures must be added to the set
    • The system must stop
    • The set is complete (no pages are missing)
    • The envelopes are transported to the side exit or to the stacker

    The sheets with the printed code are placed in a feeder. Depending on the programmed code, the other feeders can be used as selective feeders to add enclosures.
    In case of a Z-fold, the address has to be printed on the last page of the set. With the other fold types, the first sheet of a set always contains the address. A full length code is printed on every sheet of a set. The code must appear at the same location on every page regardless of the actual code length.

    The code on the last sheet of the set contains the insert instruction. The other sheets carry the accumulate instruction. If the “page n of m” code is used with BCR or OCR, the set will be inserted when n equals m.

Date created:
10/08/2013 10:21:11
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DS-75i, DS-95i