To create a job with BCR:

    1. From the Job list menu, tap [New job].

    2. Choose [Manual] to define the job settings.

    3. Select an envelope.

    4. Tap [Main document].

    5. Tap [Custom].

    6. Enter the document size or select a standard type.

    7. Tap the [Reading] tab.

    8. Select the code type [BCR 1D] or [BCR 2D].

    9. Load a sample document in the feeder tray as indicated.
    10. Tap [Verify] to find the barcode(s) on the sheet.
      • If multiple barcodes are found you can select the correct barcode from the list.

    11. Tap [OK] and follow the remaining steps to complete the job.

    12. When you completed the job creation, tap [Save] to save job.

If required the maximum number of sheets can be reconfigured. Refer to Reading Settings for more details on how to change these settings.


Date created:
05/04/2016 13:56:32
Last updated:
10/03/2019 11:38:09