• Note

    Disconnect the mains power supply before performing any maintenance.

    The user must not attempt to service the appliance beyond that described in this operator manual. All other servicing must be carried out by qualified service personnel only. 

    Please contact your authorized distributor.

  • Maintenance frequencyMaintenance¬†


    • Check the system functions.¬
    • Keep the system in proper condition by removing dust, paper remains, etc.

    The machine is delivered with an extra set of brushes.
    To always have one clean set available, it is recommended to soak one set in water and use the other set.

    • When dirty or saturated, clean the brushes of the envelope sealing or replace them (see Clean and replace brushes).¬
    • When dirty or saturated, clean the moistening cloth or replace if necessary (see Replace moistening cloth).¬
    • Clean feed and insert rollers as instructed by the Service Engineer.
    When necessary When the display warns about dusty sensors, clean the applicable sensors. After cleaning, always calibrate the photocells (see Calibrate photocells). 
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DS-75i, DS-95i