• A - catch tray (optional)

    B - side exit / stacker unit

    C - side guides stacker

    D - power inlet, power switch

    E - unlocking lever for upper unit

    F - USB (2x), RS232 and ethernet

    G - control panel

    H - hand grip vertical transport cover

    I - vertical transport

    J - document feed tray

    K - collator arm

    L - divert area

    M - folder unit

    N - locking handle folder unit

    O - handle for manual transport of the envelope

    P - handle for manual transport of the mail set

    Q - unlocking handle for rollers envelope track

    R - sealing liquid reservoir

    S - side cover (opened)

    T - thumb wheel for side guide adjustment

    U - side guides envelope feed tray

    V - flap for envelope separation adjustment

    W - envelope support

Date created:
01/08/2013 12:03:43
Last updated:
11/27/2017 03:34:08
DS-75i, DS-95i