• The high capacity conveyor belt is designed for envelope transport from the inserter or franking device. The conveyor belt has two operation modes:

    • The belt moves continuously.
    • The belt moves in intervals. The belt moves about 45 mm (1.7 inch) each time a sensor detects the passage of an envelope.

    The guide plate and side guides prevent the envelopes from falling off the belt.

  • The conveyor belt switch has three positions:

    • Mode D: the belt moves in intervals.
    • Mode E: the belt is switched off.
    • Mode F: the belt moves continuously.

  • With the turning knob (G) it is possible to set the interval distance between envelopes on the conveyor belt. The distance depends on the type of job and preference of the user.

     Minimal interval distance: 15 mm, setting for a job with thin envelopes.
    Neutral interval distance: 20 mm
    Maximal interval distance: 40 mm, setting for a job with thick envelopes.
Date created:
01/08/2013 13:11:10
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08/30/2019 09:47:14
DS-90i, DS-95i