Before you load the envelopes, make sure the envelope separation and side guides are correctly set.

    1. Rotate thumb wheel D to move the side guides C apart.

      1.  Side guides
    2. Pull down small lever B to set the separation.

    3. Insert one envelope up to the stoppers. The position of the envelope is flap down and trailing (bottom side of the envelope pointing to the system).

    4. Return lever B.

    5. Loosen a stack of envelopes and place the stack on top of the bottom envelope between the side guides.

    6. Move the side guides towards the envelopes.

      The space between the side guides and the envelopes should be such that the envelopes have just enough play to move freely.

      1. Note

        If the distance between the side guides is too large, the envelopes will twist sidewards, when transported into the machine.

    7. Shift the envelope support in or out. The top side of the envelope must touch the dotted line on the support. 

    8. Turn the envelope support to distribute the weight of the envelopes evenly on both sides.

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