• To avoid irregular feeding there are three levels for the maximum heights of the feeder tray capacity. The symbols for these three levels are printed on the right hand side guide of the feeder tray. The level indication is a guideline.

    Maximum hopper capacity - booklets weak coverMaximum feeder tray capacity of booklets with a tough cover (maximum height: 250 mm).
    Maximum hopper capacity - single sheetsMaximum feeder tray capacity for booklets with a weak cover (maximum height: 150 mm).
     Maximum hopper capacity - booklets tough coverMaximum feeder tray capacity for single sheets: minimum sheet quality: 80 gr/m2 (maximum height: 50 mm).


Date created:
08/30/2013 13:55:38
Last updated:
10/03/2019 11:01:18
DS-90i, DS-95i