1. Note

    When loading the maxiFeeder, make sure that the document/BREs are positioned parallel in relation to the feeding plate assembly to ensure correct feeding.

  2. The feeding plate assembly will be shifted up automatically (when the system starts processing) until documents/BREs are underneath the rubber paper pullers.

  3. Note

    In case of long documents, use the feeding plate extension B to support the documents. Instead also an optional A4/11” paper guide can be used to support long documents. Ask your local distributor for more information about this optional paper guide.

  4. To load documents:
    1. Squeeze the two blue handles A and B.

      1. Maxifeeder Document Separation
    2. Shift the feeding plate assembly C to the rear position.

    3. Loosen the stack of documents and place them in the feeder tray.
      BREs with flap down and leading (top side pointing to system).

Date created:
08/30/2013 11:54:18
Last updated:
10/01/2019 09:32:55
DS-75i, DS-95i