1. Depending on the current Type of stamp, you can modify the elements printed on mail pieces as follows:

    • Changing printed date
    • Adding a pre-loaded Slogan to the left of the stamp
    • Adding a custom text to the left of the stamp (you must first create it in supervisor mode)
    • Moving the stamp away from the right edge of the envelope.
    1. When you have selected the Type of stamp:

      • To access the configuration menu of the Type of stamp, press
      • To return to the Type of stamp home screen, press
    1. Advancing or Omitting the Date

      The Date Advance function allows you to change the date printed on mail pieces.

      You can set the date advance feature (from supervisor mode) to change at a fixed time. This is useful if you process mail after the last mail pickup for the day. This ensures that the proper date of mailing is printed for the next days mail pickup. See How to Set the Automatic Date Advance Time.
    1. To change the date that will be printed:

      1. Either:

        1. The Customize stamp screen is displayed.

      2. Select Date.

        1. The Date Advance screen is displayed.

      3. On the Date Advance screen, you can configure the printed date as follows:

        1. To choose another day, select the corresponding item in the list.

          The icon indicates the current selection.

      4. Press [OK] to apply changes and return to the configuration menu.

    1. To add a text to the stamp, or to cancel the text:

      1. Either:

      2. Select Text.

        1. The Select text screen is displayed.

      3. Select the desired text in the list or select None for printing no text.

        1. The icon indicates the current selection.

          The Customize stamp screen is displayed with updated parameters (home screen: ).

    1. Moving the Stamp (Print Offset)

      You can move the stamp away from the edge of the envelope when printing on thick envelopes with rounded edges.

    1. To add an offset to the stamp position:

      1. As a user:

        1. The Print position setting screen is displayed.

      2. Select the offset and press [OK] to validate.

          • No offset (0mm)
          • Offset 1 (5mm)
          • Offset 2 (10mm)
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