1. Display Areas

    The control panel has a touch screen so most zones are tactile. Tap a zone to open the related screen.


    Displays account currently selected.

    Ad die

    Indicates that an ad die (slogan) will be printed when yellow.


    Displays the date that will be printed.

    Job memory

    Displays selected job memory when applicable.

    Item Counter

    Counts the envelopes or labels printed since the last counter reset.

    Label Indicator

    When displayed, indicates that the Mailing System will print a label.


    Indicates unread messages in message box.


    Indicates the amount to be printed on the envelope.

    Print Offset

    Indicates the printing offset status (stamp position shifting for thick envelopes).

    Rate and Services

    Indicates the current rate and services selected.

    Remaining funds

    Displays funds available for postage.

    Reset item counter

    Resets the item counter to zero. This is the starting point for batch data reports.


    Switches the sealer on/off and indicates wether the function is activated or not.

    Type of stamp

    Current type of stamp. Use Stamp configuration shortcut to change.

    Weighing Mode

    Current weighing method.


    Current weight used to calculate postage amount.

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