1. Reading Modules

    Barcode labels can be read only on the following modules:
    • Flex Folder Bottom Read only.
    • Versatile Feeder Top Read only.
  2. Maximum Number of Characters

    The maximum number of characters in the bar code label that can be read is 32. This includes the start and stop characters for linear barcodes.
  3. Orientation of the Bar Code Label

    The bar code label can be printed vertically or horizontally – see Barcode Label Placement.

  4. Position of the Bar Code Label

    The bar code label should be positioned as indicated on the layout details - see Barcode Label Placement.

  5. Printing Contrast

    The label must be strongly printed in black on white background for maximum contrast. Other light backgrounds may be acceptable, subject to test.
  6. Position of Read Head

    The position of the read head is operator adjustable to suit the required job. If other jobs are anticipated being run in the same unit, the label should be printed in the same position.

    The reader has 2 positions, fully to the user side of the unit or fully to the non-user side. This will provide a reading range shown below. It must be locked in position after adjustment.
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