1. A Mail Sort is part of the Postal Product (See section 'Defining a Postal Product') and is a set of criteria than determines how the mailpieces within it are treated when they reach the sorter.

    The criteria are the Weight Group and Exit Selection BCR character (or OMR mark): these two criteria use a priority basis to determine the exit at the sorter.

    1. In Mail Sorting, select the Sort Criteria and then the required Mail Sort associated with it (by default, the last Mail Sort selected will be used).

    2. Set the priority required for each line by selecting its number. As each Mail sort can have a number of combinations of criteria, some of which may overlap, you can determine which has priority. Press a number again to end priority setting.

      1. The example above shows Weight Group 2 and Exit Selection marks 1 & 2 all use Mail Sort 2; you could change the priority so that mailpieces with Exit Selection 1 have priority over those in Weight Group 2 instead of the existing priority.

        Select any priority number to switch on the scroll arrows. After making changes, select a number again to switch them off.

        Press Next to define the output placement settings.

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