1. When transporter wants to start a round to deliver package on a certain route, he needs to know which packages should be delivered, their current statuses, for which recipients, etc. To provide him with all this information, you should create him a new manifest that contains all undelivered packages for this route.

  2. Create New Manifest for Route

    1. To create a new manifest, first you need to select a route.

      1. When you press on Create New Manifest(s) button, all undelivered packages that do not belong to any other manifest will be added to this new manifest.

    2. New manifest will be added to the list of Today’s manifests. Selected route for which you created a new manifest won’t be present anymore on the list of routes.

    3. You can view a list of all undelivered packages in a manifest. Once a manifest is created, it is still possible to add and to remove packages from this list.

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08/22/2018 11:03:13
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