• Some envelopes are blocked in the Mixed-Size Feeder.

    Possible causes


    • Mail piece is too thick.
    • Mail size is incorrect.
    • Too many envelopes are on the feed deck.
    • Envelopes are not properly stacked on the feed platform.
    1. Unblock the Mixed Size Feeder as indicated below.
    2. Correct the cause:
    • Sealing is ON while feeding closed envelopes.
    1. Feed closed envelopes only with sealing OFF.
    2. Check that already closed envelopes are properly sealed at the leading edge. Incompletely closed envelopes will jam.
    The mail transport path should be regularly cleaned. See Cleaning the Mail Path.
    1. To clear mail jammed in the Mixed-Size Feeder:

      1. Open feeder cover.

      2. Push the left of the upper blue release lever to lift up the upper drive assembly.

      3. If necessary, lift up the brush release lever.

      4. Remove jammed envelopes.

      5. Position the brush and push the brush release lever until it snaps into place.

      6. Push down on the upper drive assembly until it locks back into position.

      7. Close the cover.

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03/12/2014 22:39:59
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