• Paper Size

    Width:Min. 148mm (5¾”)      
    Max. 305mm (12”)        
    Min. pack width for individual items is 210mm (8¼”).
    Max. width when folding is 229mm (9”). 
    Length: Min. 93mm (3⅝”)
    Min. 140mm (5½”) when reading and using accumulator
    Max. 406mm (16”)
    Max. suggested width difference between inserts is 32mm (1¼”). This may be increased subject to testing. If this difference is exceeded, the insertion fingers will not cover the edges of the narrow insert and may cause insertion problems. Sandwiching a narrow insert between two wider ones may resolve this problem. 
  • Paper Weight

    Min:70gsm (18lbs bond)
    Max:120gsm (32lbs bond) for folded documents
    2mm thick for unfolded inserts (subject to testing)
    2.5mm thick for Daily Mail (subject to testing)

    Folding Capacity

    C, Z, or V-Fold:Up to 8 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond)
    Double-forward Fold:Up to 4 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond)
    Multiple folded sets dependent upon pack thickness.

  • Fold Lengths

    Fold Plate 1:Min. 50mm
    Max. 237mm
    Fold Plate 2:Min. 85mm
    Max. 232mm
    Fold Plate 3:
    Min. 50mm
    Max. 135mm 
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