• Description Symbol

    Protective Earth (Ground)

    Identifies terminals intended for connection to external conductors,or protective earth (ground) electrodes, protecting against electricshock in case of a fault.

    Caution - Risk of Electric Shock

    Identifies equipment with a hazard of electric shock.

    Caution - Moving Parts

    Indicates the instructional safeguard to keep away from movingparts.

    Caution - Laser Beam

    Indicates warning of a laser beam.

    Caution - Heavy Object

    Indicates the object is heavy, adhere to the safety instructions for provisions of lifting and moving.

    Caution - Fuse

    Identifies equipment that is fused. Observe correct fuse ratingswhere possible before replacing.


    Indicates a situation in which minor, moderate, or serious injurycould occur because of the hazard present.

    Important Note

    Refers to the important note referenced/detailed within themanual.

    Refer to Manual

    Refers to the relevant instructions referenced/detailed within themanual.

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