• Ensure any isolation or disconnect device, including the mains power supplyremain unobstructed at all times.
    • Ensure the mains power cable and its connectors are sound and undamaged.Should any electrical cable become damaged do not operate the machine,and ensure any damaged electrical cable is replaced with a correctly certifiedand rated replacement by the manufacturer. 
    • A voltage of 230V may be present inside this machine. The power source canproduce enough voltage and current to be very dangerous. 
    • This machine is equipped with a three-pronged plug. One of the prongs on theplug provides a safety grounding (protective earth) feature. Ensure the plugis always connected to a properly wired three-prong outlet. Do not use a two-prongadapter without grounding the machine properly. 
    • The machine must be earthed. Never remove the third prong from the plug.The safety grounding (protective earth) feature provides extra protection inthe event of an electrical problem. 
    • The mains power supply is fused on both live and neutral sides. Servicepersonnel should be aware that a mains voltage can exist even if no lightedneon shows.
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04/20/2020 12:03:49
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