1. Unscrew and remove the three thumb screw knobs in the feed hopper as indicated below.

    2. Open the side guides to their widest extent.

    3. Lift the feed bed plate out of the chassis to access the feed shaft rollers beneath as shown below.

    4. Slide the spring loaded collar on each end of the feed shaft roller assemblies inwards to release the drive dog as shown below.

    5. Lift the roller assembly feed shaft upwards to remove it from the feed bed.

    6. Slip off the roller tyres as shown below, and replace them as required.

    7. When replacing the feed shaft roller assemblies back into the feed bed, ensure that the ‘flat spot’ on the shaft is located on the operator side as shown below.

      1. Caution

        This indicates a one-way clutch freewheel direction, and if installed on the wrong side, the shaft will rotate but the wheels will not drive.

    8. Ensure the drive dogs on each end are fully engaged as shown below.

    9. Once complete, re-secure the feed bed plate to the chassis and the three thumb screw knobs.

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04/10/2020 06:02:27
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