1. Select the Insert Head Hopper document on the Run Screen GUI to open the fine tuning dialog box options as shown below.

    2. Make any necessary adjustments as required. The available options for fine tuning the Insert Head hopper document are as follows:

      • Seal Mode - Adjusts the seal mode of envelopes.
        Select Off if manual or later hand insertion is required. 
      • Deskew - Adjusts the skew of documents.
        If skewing occurs, select Low if possible, select High setting only if necessary. 
      • Wetter Pump On/Off - Turns the Wetter Pump On or Off.
        Switch pump On for few seconds if wetter tank has dried out - Wetter tank willautomatically refill in normal use.
    3. Press Ok once the desired settings have been made.

Date created:
04/10/2020 05:49:40
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06/11/2020 15:49:16