1. If a Printer is fitted, first enter the Flexmail master script name being used, via the on-screen keypad, then press Ok as shown below.

      1. The following Printer Scripting modes are available:

        • Pass through/no printing - Mail-pieces continue unprinted to the Franker orConveyor.
        • Mailshot/sequential - Mail-pieces will be printed with data supplied byFlexmail database in a sequential order from top to bottom.
        • Matching/DB lookup - Mail-pieces will be printed with data read from thecolumn in the Flexmail database named under the Lookup option in the EditPrinter Settings dialog box.
      2. Note

        The name entered must be the same as the column in the Flexmail database.

        • Mailshot/sequential (non-reset) - Setting is the same as Mailshot sequentialbut if the machine is Autoended, then switched back on, it will continue whereit left off in the database. Without non-reset, the machine will restart at thefirst entry.
        • Matching/Dynamic DB lookup - Setting is the same as Matching/DB lookupexcept the database is not located locally on the Flexmail PC, but accessedremotely via AIMS.
        • Mailshot/Dynamic Sequential - Setting is similar to Matching/DynamicDB lookup with the exception that it does not match a Piece ID in AIMS to aPiece ID read at the input of the machine. Any addresses that are assigned toMail-pieces and then removed from the machine, get re-assigned to the nextavailable mail-piece.
    2. Select the required Scripting mode, then press Ok as shown below.

    3. Using the on-screen keypad, enter the lookup column name in the Lookup option, The lookup column name must be the same name of the column in the Flexmail database, and must not contain any spaces. This is defined by the characters selected in the barcode.

    4. Select the Head height to be used for the size of the pack, then press Ok as shown below.

    5. Finally, select the Dynamic head mode to either On or Off.

    6. Press Next once the desired settings have been made.

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