1. Press Edit Advanced as shown below for advanced document settings.

    2. Edit the following advanced document settings as required:

      1. Orientation

        Press Auto to select a reading orientation from the list other than the default setting Face up - Feet first. See section Reading Orientations for further assistance.


        • Off - Turn off if skewing is not occurring.
        • Low - If skewing occurs, set to low if possible.
        • High - Slows the machine down.

        Thickness Doubles

        Change default setting only if needed.

        • Off
        • On (auto)
        • On (optical)
        • On (mechanical)

      2. Note

        The Flex Folder only has Off or On (mechanical) as an available setting for Thickness Doubles.

      3. Feed Control Mode

        • Feed Always - Used for non-selective documents.
        • Selective Feed - Used for reading-enabled units. Works in conjunction with Select ID.

        Select ID

        Defines an ID number for a document in accordance with the Select mark in the label. This will then feed the document when that mark is read (applies to enclosures only).

        Sequence Handling Mode

        Determines how sequence marks (if used) are handled when a document set is broken up (e.g. to change a job in the middle of a document set).

        Set to Full for the first pass, then change to Mailset for the second pass after the job has been changed. The machine will then expect a broken sequence.

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