• Parameters  
    Enclosure Size

    Minimum width: 148mm (5¾")*
    Maximum width: 305mm (12")
    Minimum length: 76mm (3") for non-reading unit 
                             93mm (3 ⅝") for reading unit
    Maximum length: 216mm (8½")
    *For individual items. Min. pack width: 210mm (8¼")

    Note: The maximum suggested width difference between inserts is 32mm (1¼"): this may be increased subject to test. If this difference is exceeded, the insertion fingers will not cover the edges of the narrow insert and may cause insertion problems. Sandwiching a narrow insert between two wider ones may resolve this.

    Enclosure weight Minimum 80gsm (20lbs bond)
    Maximum 6mm (¼”) thickness
    Hopper capacity 1000 sheets of A4 80gsm (20lbs bond)
    500 sheets of A4 Z-folded 80gsm (20lbs bond)
    250 x 2.4mm booklets
    500 x DL envelopes

    Note: quantities shown above are maxima. Depending upon other conditions, actual quantities may be lower than those shown

    Requirements Enclosures must be flexible enough to suit path constraints. Some enclosures may require special tyres.
    Daily mail

    Up to 25 sheets of 80gsm (20lbs bond) unfolded. May be stapled or not. Max. thickness of staple 3mm. Allowable staple positions are shown below.

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