• The main parts of the machine are shown below.

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    1 Envelope feeder  Holds up to 800 envelopes (DL). Fitted with a sensing conveyor that operates
    on demand to move the envelope stack forward. 
    2 Touch-sensitive monitor  Runs the IMOS operating software and responds to button pushes. A keyboard
    and mouse are also fitted. 
    Collation and insertion area  Folded forms, either singly or in groups, are collated here into one pack, along with enclosures. The pack in then inserted into the envelope. 

    Note: Items 1, 2, 3 & 8 are all part of the Insertion Head Unit.

    Versatile Feeder These are track mounted units, with an end-station variant also available. Up to 8 may fitted (7 if a flex tower unit is fitted - see below).

    The Versatile Feeder feeds enclosures such as inserts, flyers, BREs etc. The hopper holds up to 1000 80gsm A4 inserts. A mark reading variant for OMR/ Barcode/2D is also available.

    Flex Tower This is a folder unit and is only available as an end module. It can be fitted to the insertion head on its own, or in conjunction with Versatile Feeders. It is fitted with various options of feed pods and an accumulator (see following page).
    Feed Pods  Fitted to the Flex Tower. Either a 1-Pod or a 2-Pod Flex Tower is available. Each one is fitted with either 2 x 500-sheet trays, or 1 x 1000-sheet tray; both variants can be mark reading as an option. 
    Accumulator  Fitted to the Flex Tower and allows groups of forms to be collated together before folding as a group. It is an optional item, it is also fitted with a diverter tray (supplied by default if on reading versions). 
    Closer/Eject Area  This is where the envelope flap is closed and sealed before ejected the filled envelope into a receiving tray or onto a conveyor. 
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