1. Warnings

    • Disconnect the power supply before performing any maintenance.
    • Before connecting the system to the electrical supply, ensure that the system is suitable for the local mains voltage. Refer to the serial plate on your system for voltage requirements.
  2. Precaution

    The general process of automated document handling can sometimes create a build up of static electricity. Therefore we recommend that the following measures are taken to reduce the side effects of any electrostatic charge.

    • Make sure that you operate the system within the recommended temperature and humidity conditions.
    • Make use of antistatic mats where appropriate.
    • If necessary, make use of an ionizer to reduce static charge build up in the room where the system is located.

    Please contact your supplier for further information.

  3. Safety Precautions

    • Only competent, trained personnel should operate this system. If non-trained
      personnel do operate this system, the manufacturer will not accept responsibility
      for any resulting accidents or injuries.
    • Only skilled persons, who are aware of the risks involved, may open the protective covers.
      For safety reasons, the system will not function when the covers are open.
    • Keep long hair, fingers, jewelry, etc. away from rotating and moving parts.
    • The power connection must be easily accessible, preferably close to the system.
      For safety reasons, it is essential that the system is connected to a socket outlet that has a protective earth (ground) connection.
    • Overcurrent protection in the equipment also relies on the branch circuit protection (max. 20 A).
    • The following part(s) is (are) considered the equipment disconnect device(s):
      • Power supply cord plug or appliance coupler.
    (this means that after operating of the fuse, parts of the equipment that remain energized, might represent a hazard during servicing.)

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01/08/2013 11:58:18
Last updated:
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DS-150, DS-180