• Depending on the accessories and features on your Mailing System, several weighing methods are available.

    You can also enter the weight manually if you know it: see How to Enter the Weight Manually.

    • Weighing modes

      Depending on the type of mail you want to process, choose a weighing method according to the recommendations in the table below.

      Using the device...

      Weighing Platform

      Dynamic Scale

      For weighing...

      Select method...

      Items one by one

      • Standard Weighing
      • Dynamic Weighing

      Items having different weights stacked on the Weighing Platform

      • Differential Weighing

      Items exceeding the mail-path size specifications

      • Standard Weighing
      • Differential Weighing Automatic Label or
      • Manual Weight Entry

      Items having different weights stacked on the Feeder Platform

      • Dynamic Weighing

      Items having the same weight and size stacked on the feeder platform

      • Standard Weighing
      • Dynamic Weighing Batch Mode
      The recommendations in the table apply to items processed with the same postage rate. If the postage rates are different within a stack of mail pieces, the Dynamic Weighing methods cannot be used. Make different stacks for each rate.

      The Weighing type icon on the screen indicates the weighing method selected and thus the source that provides the weight of the mail piece to the system.

    • Details on the Weighing Modes All weighing options listed below may not be available in your Mailing System. Check with customer service to see how you can easily add weighing features to your Mailing System via online services.
      • Manual Weight Entry 

        In this mode, you enter the weight manually (see How to Enter the Weight Manually).

      • Standard Weighing 

        In this mode, each mail piece is manually placed on the Weighing Platform, and then put into the mail path (or print a label).

      • Differential Weighing  (optional)

        This mode speeds up the weighing process and increases your efficiency: all the mail pieces are stacked together on the Weighing Platform. Remove the pieces one by one and put them into the mail path. The Mailing System calculates the postage and prints the mail piece automatically. You can leave all the mail pieces in a tray on the Weighing Platform: the Mailing System will ask you to confirm printing for the last item removed (from the tray).

      • Differential Weighing Automatic Label  (optional)

        This mode is identical to Differential Weighing except that the system automatically prints the postage on labels.

      • Dynamic Weighing 

        In this mode, you place all the items at the Feeder Entrance whatever their size (within the system limits). The system automatically assesses the weight and size of each item and applies postage as each piece goes along the mail path at high speed.

      • Dynamic Weighing Batch Mode 

        In this mode, you place a stack of identical items at the Feeder Entrance. The system assesses the weight and size of the first item and applies the same postage to all items at very high speed.

    • Changing the Weighing Type

      At start-up, the default weighing type is active.

      See also

    1. To change the weighing type from the home screen:

      1. Either:

        1. The Weighing mode screen is displayed.


          The options actually displayed in the screen depend on the weighing devices that are connected to your Mailing System and on features that are activated.
      2. Select the weighing type.

        1. If you select the option Differential Weighing Automatic tape, make sure the Auto-Label Dispenser is properly filled with labels. See How to Fill the Automatic Label Dispenser.
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