1. System check list:



    Do I have enough postage?

    Look at the funds counter at the bottom of the screen, or:

    Press and enter 1 to check your funds balance.

    To add funds, see How to Add Funds to the PSD (Meter).

    Do I need to clear the Batch Counter?

    Clear batch counters if you intend to issue a report on the mail run you are about to start (see Batch Data Report).

    Select Reset counter on the home screen, or

    See How to Reset Batch Counters.

    Is the sealing/moistening device properly filled?

    (if installed)

    For sealing while printing the envelopes.

    For sealer-equipped feeders, see How to Fill the Sealer Bottle.

    Is the Weighing Platform properly zeroed or tared?

    Before laying envelope(s) on the weighing platform, your home screen should display 0 g. If _ g is displayed, perform a 'rezero' of the WP.

    See How to Rezero the Weighing Platform.

    Are labels in place in the ALD?

    (if you plan to print on tape)

    See How to Fill the Automatic Label Dispenser.

    Is there enough ink in the cartridge?

    To display the level of ink in the printing headset, see How to Display Ink Level and Cartridge Data.

  2. You can be warned when the available funds gets below a preset value (see How to Set the Low-Funds Threshold).
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