• Follow the steps below to create, modify, activate/deactivate or delete Groups.

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    • Creating groups
    1. To create a group or a subgroup:

      1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

        1. The Account list screen is displayed.

      2. Select Add Acct/Group.

      3. Select Add Group.

        1. The Add group window appears.

      4. Enter the Group Name by using the keypad.

      5. Select the Group Status (active or inactive). The screen then displays the current status of the Group you have selected.

      6. To put the current Group into a Subgroup, select the Folder button, select a group in the list and press [OK].

      7. On the Add group Screen, press [OK].

        1. The Group creation summary Screen is displayed.

      8. Press [OK] to create this group.

    • Editing Groups

      Follow the steps outlined below to change the Name, the Status and the Parent Group of a Subgroup.

    1. To view or edit a Group or a Subgroup:

      1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

        1. The Account list screen is displayed.

      2. Select the Group (use the double arrows to scroll through the list).

        1. A Group that is not in the list is probably a Subgroup: select its Parent Group, press Edit/Del. and then select View content to display the content of the Group. Select the Subgroup in the list.

      3. Press [OK] (Edit/Del.).

        1. The Group management Screen is displayed.

      4. Select Edit / Modify.

      5. Change the settings as necessary and press [OK].

        1. The Group modification summary screen is displayed.

      6. Press [OK] to validate your changes.

    • Activating Groups

      Follow the steps outlined below to deactivate a Group so that the Accounts, included in the Group, are not visible to users.

    1. To activate or deactivate a Group:

      1. Follow the procedure How to View/Edit a Group or a Subgroup to edit the Group.

      2. Change the status setting (the button displays the current status: active or inactive) and press [OK].

      3. On the Group modification summary screen, press [OK].

    • Deleting Groups

      You can delete a Group to delete all of its content, including Subgroups and Accounts.

    1. To delete a Group or a subgroup:

      1. On the Group management screen, select Delete instead of Edit.

        1. A confirmation message is displayed.

      2. Press [OK] to delete the account, otherwise press as many times as necessary to exit.

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