De nieuwe IM-22 briefopener van Neopost kan bij hoge snelheden tot wel 32.000 brieven per uur openen. Ideaal voor gebruikers die een dergelijk tempo nodig hebben om grote volumes post te verwerken. De IM-22 is ook heel eenvoudig en eenvoudig in het gebruik.

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  • FAQ

    The counter on the IM-22 and IM-27 is not 100% accurate. However it is possible to increase the counter accuracy by taking the following steps:

    Counter Accuracy

    1. Make sure the feeding of the envelopes is correct. Set the envelope support guide in an angle as shown in the picture below: 

    2. Set the separation correct. For most applications the first click after 12 o'clock will work. Check if the black O-rings are correctly in place, as they have a tendency to drop off the pulleys, which has a negative influence on the separation. The better the separation is functioning, the more accurate the counting will be. 

    3. Make sure the red transport belts are clean to have a proper grip. If the red belts are dusty the grip is reduced, which results in separation and transportation issues.

    4. Set feed mode to ON DELAY, make sure the timing setting is at 100ms:

      1. Select Settings.
      2. Select Feed Settings.
      3. Select On Delay and afterwards select Down.
      4. Set On Delay to 100ms, after having the settings correct, select Back and run the machine.

    5. The last option is to lower the speed by turning the speed knob counter clockwise. Do not go any lower than 40%.

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