1. It is recommended that before Importing a location tree structure, each tier be assigned an icon within the location tree editor. For more information about adding Location Types, click here and follow step 1. Do this for all location types being used.
    Examples of a .csv file of an import in which a routing tree is constructed and what the example will look like once it is imported in WTS are below.




    Smith,John,001,001,City 1,Building 1,C1B1,Floor 1,Room 1,Location 1,C1B1F1R1L1,MB001,jsmith@company.com,,Employee
    Smith,Jane,002,002,City 1,Building 1,C1B1,Floor 1,Room 1,Location 2,C1B1F1R1L2,MB002,,222-222-2222,Employee
    Doe,Jane,003,003,City 1,Building 1,C1B1,Floor 1,Room 2,Location 3,C1B1F1R2L3,MB003,,333-333-3333,Employee
    Doe,John,004,004,City 1,Building 1,C1B1,Floor 1,Room 2,Location 4,C1B1F1R2L4,MB004,jdoe@company.com,444-444-4444,Employee

    Converted Example in Excel:

  3. There is a maximum limit of 32 characters for the LocCode and 11 characters for the BuildingCode. Use Concatenate Formula to bring all columns together for BuildingCode and LocCode. In order to import correctly, each location will need a unique LocCode. Once finished modifying fields in excel, make sure to reconvert and save the file as a .csv file for importing.

  4. Field Descriptions for Location Tree

    City- Level 1 - needs to be part of City, Building Code, and LocCode
    Building- Level 2 - needs to be part of Building, Building Code, and LocCode
    *Building Code - (not a level) - consists of City and Building used in the database for identification

    Floor- Level 3 - needs to be part of Floor and LocCode
    Location- Level 4 - needs to be part of Location and LocCode

    Room- Level 5- show on level 4 and adds to the Location- a part of Room and LocCode

    *LocCode- (not a level)-consists of City, Building, Floor, Location and Room- used in the database for identification
    *Required when using Routing

    Location Tree produced from above data

    City 1
    Building 1
    Floor 1
    Room 1 # Location 1
    Room 1 # Location 2
    Room 2 # Location 3
    Room 2 # Location 4
    Floor 2
    Room 1 # Location 5
    Room 1 # Location 6
    City 2
    Building 1
    Floor 1
    Room 1 # Location 1
    City 3
    Building 1
    Floor 1
    Room 1 # Location 1
    City 4
    Building 1
    Floor 1
    Room 1 # Location 1

  5. Notice that when no data has been provided for a cell, you will have an empty cell in its place in Excel. In CSV, no data for a field means that a comma will follow another comma. So, it is important to make sure any spreadsheet editor being used is NOT configured to treat consecutive delimiters as one delimiter.
    In CSV file below, no data has been provided for Phone.

  6. Buildings and Locations with the same name are permitted to exist because they have different ID's.
    These are not the same types repeated.

    Types do not need to follow the City, Building, Floor, Room, naming schema as long as their header titles follow the requirements from the "List of Import Header Titles".

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