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    If you change scanning settings on pda, after restarting the pda, you won’t see those changes


     Connect to your PDA using SOTI and check to see if following file exists:


    this file contains all default Honeywell settings for scanning. 

    Deleting this file (DeviceCollection.xml) will fix your problem.


    If you set language or wifi connection parameters and after rebooting pda, you see that your settings are gone.


     Connect to your PDA using SOTI and check to see if following file exists:


    This file contains all default Honeywell settings. 

    Deleting this file (DeviceConfig.xml) will fix your problem.


    You are unable to take photos when using the PDA as there is no Camera icon available on the Modify or Receive screen.


    1. You need to activate the fields Damages in admin for 'customize field names' for your job profile in the WTS Web Application.

    2. Now you should be able to see the button capture image.


    Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

    CPU:  2 GHZ - 32 or 64 bits

    Memory: at least 1 GB ram

    Hard Drive : 50 MB Free hard disk space

    Features: .NET Framework 4.0

    Chrome, Edge and Firefox are supported. Latest version is recommended

    Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported.

    Label Printing

    You need to download the latest version of Java Runtime so the WTS certificate is accepted. If Java is not installed on your PC the label will not be able to print. To check if your computer has Java check the control panel, if it is not there you can download Java at www.Java.com

    Javaless: Need to make sure Subprint is running on the PC with the thermal printer.

    You need the latest driver for the label printer installed. Currently shipping is the GX420D or the GK420D Zebra Printers Zebra GK420d/ GX420d Label Printer Device Driver.

    Make sure the margins are set to 0.00 inches and that the label is set to the same width and height. For example 2X2 or 4x4.

    For 2x2 labels, just set the size to 2x2 with no margins and you'll have no problems.

    If you have issues scanning the barcode printed on the label, you can set the darkness of the label from within the Z-Designer driver preferences. The higher the number, the darker the bar-code.Make sure the bar-code has clean and distinct lines and spaces.

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