1. From the time a mailroom agent receives a package till when package is delivered to its final recipient, package might take different statuses. For example, it might be stored temporarily in a storage area, it might be loaded into a parcel locker, a reminder might be sent to final recipient, etc.

    On this screen, user executes actions in order to change package’s tracking status.

    1. Tapping on this menu, a list of available actions on mobile device will be displayed. User chooses his desired action and he will be redirected to a new screen where he scans tracking numbers (or enters them manually).

      1. Example: Out for Delivery

    2. Let’s say that delivery agent is about to leave to deliver package(s) to final recipient so he wants to pass his packages' status to Out for Delivery.

      First he chooses Out for Delivery in the list. Then he scans tracking numbers (or enters them manually).

    3. When he has entered all tracking numbers, he taps on Submit button to update this modification on package tracking status.

    4. System administrator can configure a tracking status to require a signature before changing to that status. If this is the case (for example, delivered status), you will be asked to sign on the screen. If not, then a message will ask you to confirm your choice.

    5. When status change is completed, a notification will be displayed for few seconds to confirm that status change has been saved in mobile database. In Main page, you will see number of modified packages has changed. Now, if you click on Sync menu, modified packages will be sent to central server and number of modified packages will be zero again at the end of Sync process.

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10/08/2018 10:52:38
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