• If the Base does not display a correct weight, complete the following actions to correct the problem.

    Display  –  –  g indicates a weighing error. When this weighing error occurs on the home screen, the Standard Weighing mode is automatically selected if the Automatic Weight Detection is activated, see How to Activate the Automatic Weight Detection on the WP.

    You have to check the weighing device (Weighing Platform or Dynamic Scale) as follows.

    Possible causes


    The weighing device is not selected.

    See the weighing type selectionprocedures in Choosing a Weighing Type.

    There are vibrations or air drafts in theweighing area.

    Use a solid and steady table:
    • Away from any door
    • Away from any fan

    Something is touching or laying on the WeighingPlatform.

    Clear the weighing zone and re-zero the Weighing Platform(see Weighing Settings).

    The Weighing Platform zero is notcorrect.

    See the weighing platform zeroingprocedures in Weighing Settings.

    To avoid weighing errors, make sure the weighing platform is clear when starting the system.

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03/12/2014 22:40:06
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