• Weighing modes

    Depending on the type of mail you want to process, choose a weighing method according to the recommendations in the table below.

    Usingthe device...



    For weighing...

    Select method...

    Items one by one

    • Standard Weighing
    • Dynamic Weighing

    Items having differentweights stacked on the Weighing Platform

    • Differential Weighing

    Items exceeding themail-path size specifications

    • Standard Weighing
    • Differential Weighing AutomaticLabel or
    • Manual Weight Entry

    Items having differentweights stacked on the Feeder Platform

    • Dynamic Weighing

    Items having the sameweight and size stacked on the feeder platform

    • Standard Weighing
    • Dynamic Weighing Batch Mode
    The recommendations in the table apply to items processed with the same postage rate. If the postage rates are different within a stack of mail pieces, the Dynamic Weighing methods cannot be used. Make different stacks for each rate.

    The Weighing type icon on the screen indicates the weighing method selected and thus the source that provides the weight of the mail piece to the system.

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03/12/2014 22:25:54
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