• The procedure below outlines steps in a recommended sequence to process your mail.

    • As mail requirements quickly vary, some settings may not be necessary, or their order may vary.
    • You must begin with selecting the Type of stamp to gain access to the additional options and be able to run your mail (standard is default).
    Make sure you have already completed the preparation steps mentioned in Preparing and Starting your Work Session.
    1. Required settings:

      1. Make sure you are on the home screen of the [Standard] type of stamp. The type of stamp is indicated at the top of the home screen as illustrated below.

      2. Check or change the type of stamp, if you are not in [Standard] mode.

        1. Press to access the Customize stamp screen:

          To change the type of stamp, select Stamp type and then select [Standard] in the Type of stamp screen. For more details, see How to Change the Current 'Type of Stamp'.

          To select an option in the screen: Tap the related zone on the screen.
      3. Additionally, you can configure stamp elements from the Customize stamp screen as follows:


          Check or change the Ad die selection:

          Select Ad die and then select an Ad die (or None) in the Ad die list screen. For more details, see How to Add (or Cancel) an Ad Die on the Stamp.


          Check or change the Text selection:

          Select Text and then select a text (or None) in the Text list screen. For more details, see How to Add (or Cancel) a Text on the Stamp.


          Check or change the Date:

          Select Date and then select a date option in the Date advance screen. Select Today's date for printing today's date. For more details, see How to Change the Date .

          Press to return to the home screen.

      4. Select a rate and add services.

        1. Press to open the Rate selection screen.


          Type a rate number to select a rate or display new rate options

          Select Last 10 rates to choose a recently selected rate.

          Select Rate wizard to choose rate options in lists.

          For more details, see Selecting a Rate.

      5. Select a Weighing Mode.

        1. Depending on the quantity and type of mail you have to process, you can choose an efficient weighing method that uses a weighing platform or the dynamic scale (if installed) to save time: see Choosing a Weighing Type.

          To change the current weighing mode, press  and select a weighing mode in the Weighing type screen.


          For more details, see How to Change the Weighing Type.

          If the WP automatic selection is activated (see Weighing Platform Automatic Selection), you can change, from the home screen, the weighing mode to Standard Weighing (WP) by putting a mail piece on the Weighing Platform.
    2. You can also apply the following optional setting(s):

      1. Move the stamp away from the envelope edge for thick envelopes: see How to Move the Stamp (Print Offset).

      2. Seal envelopes using the feeder sealer: see Using the Sealing Function.

    You are now ready to print.

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