1. To create an Operator:

    1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

      1. The Manage Operator screen is displayed.

    2. Select Operator List.

      1. The Operator list screen is displayed.

    3. Select Add operator.

      1. The Add operator screen is displayed.

    4. Enter the options you wish to provide for this operator.

    5. In the Account List screens, select the Accounts (or groups/subgroups) that the operator will be allowed to use. You can complete this step later: see How to Assign Accounts to an Operator.

    6. Press [OK].

      1. The Operator creation summary screen is displayed.

    7. Press [OK] to create the Operator.

Date created:
03/12/2014 22:31:08
Last updated:
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