• Details on the Weighing Modes All weighing options listed below may not be available in your Mailing System. Check with customer service to see how you can easily add weighing features to your Mailing System via online services.
    • Manual Weight Entry 

      In this mode, you enter the weight manually (see How to Enter the Weight Manually).

    • Standard Weighing 

      In this mode, each mail piece is manually placed onthe Weighing Platform, and then put into the mail path (or print alabel).

    • Differential Weighing  (optional)

      This mode speeds up the weighingprocess and increases your efficiency: all the mail pieces are stackedtogether on the Weighing Platform. Remove the pieces one by one andput them into the mail path. The Mailing System calculates the postageand prints the mail piece automatically.You can leave all the mail pieces in a tray on the WeighingPlatform: the Mailing System will ask you to confirm printing forthe last item removed (from the tray).

    • Differential Weighing Automatic Label  (optional)

      This mode is identical to Differential Weighing except that the system automaticallyprints the postage on labels.

    • Dynamic Weighing 

      In this mode, you place all the items at the FeederEntrance whatever their size (within the system limits). The systemautomatically assesses the weight and size of each item and appliespostage as each piece goes along the mail path at high speed.

    • Dynamic Weighing Batch Mode 

      In this mode, you place a stack of identicalitems at the Feeder Entrance. The system assesses the weight and sizeof the first item and applies the same postage to all items at veryhigh speed.

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