1. To view or edit a Group or a Subgroup:

    1. As supervisor (see How to Log in as Supervisor):

      1. The Account list screen is displayed.

    2. Select the Group (use the double arrows to scroll through the list).

      1. A Group that is not in the list is probably a Subgroup: select its Parent Group, press Edit/Del. and then select View content to display the content of the Group. Select the Subgroup in the list.

    3. Press [OK] (Edit/Del.).

      1. The Group management Screen is displayed.

    4. Select Edit / Modify.

    5. Change the settings as necessary and press [OK].

      1. The Group modification summary screen is displayed.

    6. Press [OK] to validate your changes.

Date created:
03/12/2014 22:30:37
Last updated:
10/17/2014 22:56:40