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    Yes. The Neostats Application runs directly from your MyQuadient account.  Without a MyQuadient account, you will not be able to activate the application.
    • Identify potential cost savings by analyzing postage spend by account / department / postage class and /or operator.
    • Increase efficiency and eliminate errors associated with manual postage reconciliation. Recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts
    • Reconcile postage dollars down to 1/100 of a cent.
    On screen or with Neostats Enhanced, you can create reports in spreadhsheet or graphical formats.
    Both Neostats Basic and Neostats Enhanced data can be exported  to EXCEL, CSV, or PDF formats.
    No. Neostats data is available:
    • After a mailrun has been completed and the data has been uploaded to the Quadient USA servers. 
    • Once a generic call has been made on the mailing system. 1 to 3 hours after the generic call has been made.
    Remember, the data will not automatically update on an hourly/daily/weekly basis unless the end users performs a generic call on the mailing system.
    See topic located in the General section.
    The accounts that Neostats uses, are the ones that are setup on the mailing system.  The information from the mailing system works in tandem with the Neostats application.
    Neostats reports are currently available for 13 months.
    Yes. Neostats data can be archived by simply exporting the data to a excel file and saving it on your PC.
    Yes.  If Operator #1 has a MyQuadient account and is set up as the Neostats Admin, he/she can provide access to another individual under the “portal manage users section”.  This will allow the 2nd end user to login to his/her own MyQuadient account and view the same Neostats information as operator #1.
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