• Network Configuration

    When using the Netgear WNCE2001 Wi-Fi adapter we create a wireless bridge that allows the Mailing System to access the Internet. The actual connection on the Mailing systems side is a physical one and does not need any additional software (loaded on the MS) to operate. The Mailing System acts as if it was using a regular LAN connection. See the diagram below for the overview on the layout.
  • Setup Instructions

    1. Plug-in the Netgear wireless adapter to power. The power light should be yellow.

    2. Connect the Netgear wireless adapter to your laptop Ethernet port. You should see the power and LAN light go to green.
    NOTE: Make sure your embedded WiFi transmitter (on laptop) is deactivated or a conflict will occur

    3. Open Internet Explorer (or Firefox or Chrome).

    4. Your browser should automatically go to the Netgear Smart Wizard page (if it does not then type http://www.mywifiext.com/welcome.htm [] into the address bar of your browser).

    5. You will be asked to select a language.
  • 6. Leave it in English and click Continue.

    7. The adapter will start an auto-scan of all available networks.
  • 8. Choose the Guest Network or a network that has been authorized by the customer (or their IT department). If they do not broadcast their SSID you can select “Manually input my Wireless SSID”
  • 9. Depending on the security of the network the setup will be a little different.

    10. WEP – This selection can require you to create a 64 or 128 bit hash based on a pass phrase (but not necessary). This is the least secure method but some customers still use it.
  • 11. WPA1 & 2 – A more secure way of connecting to wireless networks. Use the same password used to connect to the customer’s network.
  • 12. Once you enter the password and click “Continue” the configuration will begin.
  • 13. When completed you will see a success page (below), have all three LEDs go green on the adapter and get internet connectivity on your laptop. Click "Finish" to exit the setup.

  • 14. Now you can disconnect the Wireless Adapter from your computer.

    15. Take the adapter to the mailing system and plug into power.

    16. Assure that the Mailing System is setup for DHCP.

    17. Shut-off the Mailing System before connecting the adapter to it.

    18. Connect the LAN cable from the adapter to the Mailing System.

    19. Power on the Mailing System.

    20. Wait until all the lights are green on the Adapter (may take a few minutes).

    21. Once all LEDs are green test by performing a Generic Call.

    22. After successful completion put the adapter behind the Mailing System and assure that no one removes it. The adapter comes with Velcro tape that can be attached to the Mailing System (and the adapter) to conceal it from view and assure no one takes it.

  • Note: The Adapter will stay configured to the selected network until you connect to it a computer and select another network.
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IS-280, IS-240