1. Tracking Bundle button is located on the Receive screen. It allows multiple packages to be manifested into one master barcode or Tracking Bundle. The manifest master barcode will only work on the handhelds.

  2. To create Tracking Bundle you have to have ALL packages for that Tracking Bundle at hand ready to be received. No packages can be added to a Tracking Bundle.

    1. Select “Start” on the Tracking Bundle icon.

      *If the icon is not visible contact support to have it enabled, or enable under:

      Admin>System Settings>Check “Create Tracking Bundles”> Submit.

    2. Enter the number of boxes being manifested together for the Tracking Bundle to close automatically. Or leave the number “0” to manually close the Tracking Bundle once completed. Select “Start New Tracking Bundle”.

    3. Receive packages as normal. The Tracking Bundle will start counting as you receive each package.

    4. Once done manifesting close the Tracking Bundle by selecting the Tracking Bundle icon. *If the Tracking Bundle was set to auto close this step will not be necessary.

    5. Confirmation to close the Tracking Bundle will appear. Select “Yes, Close Tracking Bundle”.

    6. At this point no more packages can be added to the manifest. A printable manifest can be printed and/or a barcode will print with the manifest barcode and number of packages on the manifest.

Date created:
08/22/2018 10:59:53
Last updated:
02/21/2019 10:15:21
WTS Package Tracking